Identify and Solve Low Performance Problem of Windows Server

It is quite irritating to work with Windows Server having slowness which affects almost everything poorly relating to it. However, you are not alone who has suffered this, all those who have dealt with Windows Servers must have faced this kind of at some time  while they managed them. Degradations of performance are often an irritative and in some cases it also turns into high revenue lost in business.  Poor server performance is generally come into picture mainly because of the following factors, Analyzing each one carefully will allow you to identify the root cause of the problem.

– Over usage of RAM
– High CPU Utilization
– High Disk I/O
– High Network Utilization etc..

First three of these components are internal factors and the fourth component is the gateway to the network. To improve Server performance, you can alter these components.

You can find more detailed article regarding this from following URL :
How to identify what makes your Windows Server to run slowly

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